You’ve finally found it. The car of your dreams: a fully loaded 2016 Jaguar F-Type S AWD Coupe. You can picture yourself sinking into the soft-grain leather seats that fit like a glove. You can practically hear, and just about feel, the distinctive purr of the V-6 engine, and can just imagine how it’s going to feel pushing the needle into the red on a deserted country back road. There’s just one small thing: you haven’t exactly got that much change lurking in your couch cushions. You wake up from your daydream with a bit of a start.

But what if we told you your new Jaguar was much closer than you thought? Thanks to a range of financing options available through Jaguar of Peabody and Jaguar Financial Services, the dream of your next new or Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar is well within reach.

We offer several options to help you get behind the wheel of your favorite Jaguar models, from the Jaguar F-Type S to the 2015 Jaguar XF 3.0 Portfolio Sedan, to any number of Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar models. We offer competitive financing on new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. We also offer generous trade-in options if you are looking to trade your current Jaguar for a newer model. If you’ve leased instead of purchasing, our professional Lease End Advisor will be happy to guide you to the right choice for you within the Jaguar Loyalty Program.

Since their inception in 1935, Jaguar automobiles have carved out a reputation for their combination of reliability, speed, performance, and swagger. They are, in short, the apex of automotive engineering. The pinnacle of luxury deserves financing to match. Here at Jaguar of Peabody, we take pride at putting your new (or certified pre-owned) Jaguar within reach. Call us, or visit us at our Nashua, New Hampshire showroom, today!