When it comes to Jaguar parts, Jaguar Peabody is the team you can rely on. We make it easy to find high-quality parts and schedule the service that makes the difference so you can take every drive with peace of mind. Learn about OEM parts and the benefits they have to offer when you come down to our dealership for Jaguar service.

What Are OEM Parts?

You have a few different options to pick from when the time comes for part repairs and replacements, but there’s no option better than OEM parts. OEM parts, or original equipment manufacturer parts, are produced on the same machines that originally produced your vehicle. They’re the exact same parts that were originally used and they’re guaranteed to fit your vehicle every time.

What Are the Benefits of Using OEM Parts?

OEM parts may be a little more costly than third-party replacements at the onset, but they’re more than worth it. Because they’re high-quality and designed to last, you’ll also save on replacements over time.

They also come with warranties and guarantees, which means you can always get the support you need when it comes to servicing your Jaguar vehicle. Because the parts are built specifically for your car, you never need to worry about them grinding or wearing down surrounding parts or systems, which is just another way they help you save.

OEM parts are also easy to find and track since they come directly from the manufacturer. You’ll also have the support of the Jaguar team at your back, dedicated to keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition on every ride to come.

Order Authentic Jaguar OEM Parts in Peabody, MA

No matter what your Jaguar service or parts needs may be, Jaguar Peabody is here to help. Visit our Massachusetts Jaguar dealership to order OEM Jaguar parts, and to get them installed and serviced by a team you can trust.