It’s the coldest morning of the year and your car won’t start. Wasn’t cold supposed to be good for batteries? Should be a driver’s paradise in January then, right? Before you start cursing under your breath (or rather louder than that), let’s look at what the science says about keeping your battery healthy this winter and whether it’s time for Jaguar service at Jaguar Peabody.

It’s not just an old wive’s tale. Cold really is good for your battery, since it slows the chemical reactions by which the battery makes and stores electricity. The cold that’s good for your battery isn’t great for your engine, however, since a cold engine — lubed by cold oil and powered by cold gasoline — is going to have a harder time turning over, drawing more power from the battery.

Another trouble source might surprise you. The root of your problems may actually go back to when the weather was much warmer. Those warm temperatures promote electricity generation and storage, so you don’t notice that the same warmth is also contributing to your batteries’ self-discharge. You will, however, notice when the mercury drops.

One last factor is age. Your car battery life should last between three and five years. Older batteries aren’t as reliable.

The solutions? Make sure your battery is replaced on, or even slightly ahead, of schedule. Keep your car warm when it’s cold out. Maintain your battery during the summertime, and winterize on schedule. Do those things and you’ll have fewer frustrating mornings.

If you suspect your car needs a new battery, or if your existing one needs some conditioning, bring it to Jaguar Peabody. We provide Jaguar service to Newton, MA and beyond from our location at 247 Newbury Street. Visit us today, and drive safely this winter!