No matter what kind of car you drive, it is likely that it will require repairs at some point in its lifetime. While the need for Jaguar repair can pop up unexpectedly, getting regular Jaguar service at Jaguar Peabody can greatly reduce the likelihood of repairs being necessary. Here are some of the most common Jaguar repairs.

Replace Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor in your Jaguar car is what reads the levels of unburned oxygen in your exhaust system. It sends this information to the vehicle’s computer, which uses it to adjust the air to fuel ratio to increase performance. Oxygen sensors typically need to be repaired or replaced every 50,000 miles.

Replace Catalytic Converter

You can think of your car’s catalytic converter as its emissions management system. It is necessary to pass any state emissions test. Replacing a catalytic converter is a common repair, but with proper maintenance, your catalytic converter can last the entire lifetime of the vehicle.

Replace Ignition Coil

The car’s ignition coils are responsible for telling the spark plugs when to fire. They are crucial to the ignition system, but they are prime candidates for replacement. If a faulty ignition coil is left unrepaired, it can lead to damage to the ignition system.

Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs wear out over time, and there is often nothing that can be done about it. Replacing spark plugs is a relatively simple job for our Jaguar mechanics, and it is necessary because a faulty spark plug can reduce your car’s gas mileage and even melt your catalytic converter.

If you’re in need of Jaguar repair, schedule a Jaguar service appointment today.