The Jaguar service available at Jaguar Peabody is comprehensive, high-quality, and long-lasting. That means you’ll be able to take every drive in comfort and safety, no matter where the open road might lead. Learn about typical care service and schedule an appointment for your Jaguar vehicle at our dealership today.

When you follow a routine vehicle service schedule, you’ll be able to keep your Jaguar car safe, comfortable, and efficient on every drive. Here are a few of the tasks included in typical car service.

Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most important services you can schedule for your vehicle. Oil protects your engine from overheating and the parts from grinding or scraping together. It also serves as a shield against debris and dirt from the road. Once the oil and filter become too old or dirty, they’ll need to be changed.

Battery Inspection

We rely on our batteries to power essential tools and systems, like the ignition, dashboard, and lights. Most car batteries last three to five years, and you’ll want to schedule inspections regularly, so you know when it’s time to replace the battery.

Brake Pad Replacements

The rate at which your brake pads wear down depends a lot on how and where you drive. If you notice your stopping distance is increasing or that your vehicle makes a grinding sound when you brake, it may be time for new brake pads.

Tire Service

Your tires protect your Jaguar vehicle on every ride, which is why you want to make sure they’re running right. At Jaguar Peabody, we do that with routine inspections, fill-ups, and tire rotations, which are used to protect vehicle alignment.

You’ll get all your typical car service needs met and a whole lot more right here at Jaguar Peabody. Schedule a test drive or service appointment at our dealership today.