Have you ever stopped to wonder what work is doing to your psyche? We adore those who multitask. We prize efficiency. Not a single move or moment can be wasted, to the point where every day becomes mechanized, and we feel like little more than automatons lubricated with cheap coffee and whatever fast food we can wolf down at our desks, one hand on the phone and one on the mouse, navigating a spreadsheet. Sooner or later, other parts of life — the ones we loved and gave us joy — start seeming routine as well. Here’s a public service announcement from your Massachusetts Jaguar dealer: Stop. Break the routine. 

Some parts of life call for inefficiency. Do we want every journey — whether it’s home to work, work to dinner, or cradle to grave — to always be about the shortest distance between two points? When was the last time you were really aware of the journey? When was the last time you got lost on purpose just to see what you’d find along the way? Not all accidents are bad ones, especially when you accidentally find your new favorite fishing spot, your next quiet oasis, or see the next starry night through the panoramic glass roof of your Jaguar F-PACE that leaves you humbled and breathless.

Take time to take stock. Remember what it was like to drive nowhere in particular just because you could. Remember the kinds of long, meaningful conversations — or marathon joke sessions — that you had on road trips. Reconnect with your spouse, your kids, yourself. Above all, make time for yourself so that quiet car cabin is a place to calm your nerves and re-center.

Jaguar vehicles have never just been transportation, and it seems a shame to waste them on a drive that’s all about the destination. Carve out some time to enjoy the journey for its own sake. Come to Jaguar Peabody at 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, MA to rediscover the joy of driving and find the road back to life’s simple pleasures.