A car like the 2017 Jaguar F-PACE reminds Newton, MA drivers of the company’s long history in racing. That history continues to this day with a continued presence in Formula One and Formula E racing, and it pays unexpected dividends for Jaguar car shoppers. Jaguar Peabody explains. 

Jaguar cars dominated racing in the 1950’s, winning five of ten LeMans races and three consecutive Alpine Rally races during that time. They also notched wins in Formula 1 and in a number of local circuits. Those wins helped cement the company’s reputation for uncompromising design and performance that persists to this day. With the help of an English multimillionaire racing aficionado, Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) might be coming back to the GT series for the first time since the 1960’s with a Jaguar F-TYPE built especially for the GT4 series.

That might seem like a niche concern, but it’s not. The GT Series requires homologation cars (versions built for the general public) alongside their track cars. That means that a limited number of Jaguar F-TYPE GT versions may be available one day soon.

It also matters for another reason. The research and development done for racing isn’t limited to racing cars. It’s a chance to test technology that might not be practical to try out at production scale. If that tech works, it works its way into subsequent years’ production models.

It’s a bit early to try to predict where this is going, especially since Jaguar SVO is keeping a tight lid on things. However, if you want an excellent Jaguar F-TYPE, you can get one right now at your Jaguar dealership near Newton. Jaguar Peabody is located at 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, and we’d love to invite you in for a test drive.