Car buying often feels like a particularly awkward game of Twenty Questions. Which make and model do I want? New, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned? How am I going to afford this, anyway? For many years, drivers have relied on Jaguar Peabody for answers to these and other questions. Today, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of a certified pre-owned Jaguar car

Let’s start with the shortcomings. When you buy a new Jaguar car, you can customize it as you’d like. Buy a CPO car and you’re getting somebody else’s dream car. Finding the right match can be challenging. Furthermore, each model year brings updates to safety technology and the infotainment system. Finally, the selection will be smaller, and the price higher, than with our standard pre-owned inventory.

With all of that being said, there are significant upsides to buying a CPO Jaguar car. The smaller selection is because these cars are held to higher standards, passing a rigorous inspection. Similarly, even though the cost is higher than used, it’s also significantly less than buying a few Jaguar car. While the technology won’t be the absolute latest, it’ll all be recent, making it possible to buy a fully-loaded Jaguar F-TYPE from just a few years ago for far less than the same trim and options bought new.

Finally, don’t forget that CPO Jaguar cars are warranted (unlike used cars), and can be financed for better terms than you’d get on a pre-owned Jaguar car.

If you have questions — and we imagine you do — bring them to your Jaguar dealer. Jaguar Peabody is located at 247 Newbury St, and we’re here to help with your purchase or lease, financing, Jaguar service, and other automotive needs.