We know you have a lot to remember on a day-to-day basis. We’re about to give you a few more things to remember. Don’t worry. You’ll thank us later. These tips from Jaguar Peabody will help keep you and your new Jaguar car safer on the roads as winter gets under way.

It all starts with asking the right questions:

  • Do I really need to drive today?
  • Is my car free of snow and ice?
  • Is my gas tank full?
  • Does my mobile phone have a full charge, just in case?
  • Am I awake enough for the drive?

Now that you’ve run down the pre-drive basics, there are a few things to pay attention to behind the wheel. You may be an experienced driver in all kinds of weather, but the people with whom you’re sharing the road may not be as safe as you are. With that in mind, give yourself plenty of space to brake, pass, turn, accelerate and stop, especially if something goes wrong on the road ahead of you.

Speaking of the road ahead, keep your eyes peeled for ice, especially black ice. Remember that some surfaces, like overpasses and bridges, will stay frozen longer (besides freezing faster) than the rest of the road. Since your parking brake can seize in cold weather, you’re better off not using it unless you have to. Likewise, avoid using cruise control since it can slow your reaction time.

Also remember that you’re not the only one that needs to be prepared for the cold. Your car needs some preparation as well. If you haven’t already, bring your Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, or classic Jaguar E-TYPE to Jaguar Peabody to be winterized. We’ll make sure your tires, suspension, antifreeze, and other key components are ready for anything. We provide Jaguar service near Andover, MA from our location at 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, MA.