Here at Jaguar Peabody, every pre-owned Jaguar car in our inventory receives a thorough inspection, but if you are shopping for the best of the best, the Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar inventory is where you will want to look. Pre-owned Jaguar models retain a higher residual value than any other brand in the premium segment, and purchasing a Certified car is a great way to save money while also getting a car that might as well be new. Here is what to look for during your inspection.

Test Drive Checklist

Because your inspection of the CPO Jaguar vehicle will occur on the lot of our Jaguar dealer, you will want to take a test drive before signing the papers. On the test drive, here is what you should look for:

  • Examine the body for dents, cracks, and rust
  • Check the tires for tread life and signs of uneven wear
  • Listen for unusual engine noises
  • Make sure the seats are comfortable
  • Accelerate the vehicle up to a higher speed on the highway
  • Try out a 90-degree turn

Certified Pre-Owned Inspection

Before a Jaguar car can become Certified, it undergoes a rigorous 165-point inspection that must be followed to the letter. This ensures that your vehicle is in optimum electrical and mechanical condition. A team of professional Jaguar technicians uses the latest technologies, tools, and diagnostic equipment to carry out these checks with the utmost rigor. The 165-point inspection always includes paintwork, interior, a complete engine preparation, road test, and a final inspection before the vehicle is personally signed off by a Jaguar Technician.

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