With Jaguar Peabody and the Jaguar Financial Group in your corner, it’s easy to lease a new Jaguar vehicle. What many of our customers don’t realize is that with a little preparation, the end of your lease can go every bit as smoothly as the beginning did. What follows are some guidelines to help you through the end of lease process. If you have questions — and many of you do, if past experience is any indication — call or stop by today.

90 Days From Lease End
Your current lease will be up in three months. Take a deep breath, and then take some time to decide whether you’ll lease another vehicle, buy out your existing lease, or purchase a different Jaguar car altogether.

60 Days From Lease End
Don’t be caught unawares by mileage and wear overages. If you’re close to (or over) your mileage limit, cut back on non-essential driving. In the meantime, a vehicle inspection can help you identify needed repairs so you won’t be surprised later.

30 Days From Lease End
Determine your return date, setting aside time before then to get Jaguar service. Also set aside any applicable end-of-lease fees for excess wear and mileage. Take time to explore our owner loyalty incentives, plus any seasonal sales and specials.

Most importantly, remember this: your Jaguar dealer has been in your corner, helping with your questions, financing issues, and other concerns. We’re here for you still, a quick visit to 247 Newbury St in Peabody, MA. Jaguar Peabody will keep the end of your lease as painless as the beginning was, and assist with any questions or concerns you may have.