A little Jaguar maintenance and care can make a big difference when it comes to vehicle efficiency, safety, and future value. But our team at Jaguar Peabody doesn’t stop with high-quality parts and reliable service.

We’re also sharing all you need to know about maintaining your vehicle, whether you drive an internal combustion engine car, an electric vehicle, or a hybrid.

Hybrid Vehicle Service Tasks

One of the benefits of purchasing a hybrid vehicle is that they typically need less service and care than internal combustion engine cars. That said, you’ll still want to schedule the following tasks regularly, to keep your vehicle operating at top capacity.

  • Routine ICE Service: The internal combustion engine system in your vehicle will wear down more slowly when it’s paired with an electric configuration, as is the case in hybrid vehicles. That said, you’ll still need to schedule service for it, like oil changes, fluid fill-ups, and hose and belt inspections.
  • Battery Service: Battery service and care is essential for both the gasoline-powered and electric-powered parts of your vehicle. The electric motor relies on batteries to function, and the gasoline configuration uses the battery to start and run the vehicle. Get your batteries inspected regularly and repaired or replaced, as needed.
  • Braking System Inspections: Many alternative energy vehicles use regenerative braking, which captures the energy produced when braking, rather than allowing it to escape via heat. This can reduce the pressure on the braking system, but you’ll want to make sure the system is working properly, and that brake pads and other parts are replaced as they wear down.

These are just a few of the services we offer here at Jaguar Peabody. Schedule car maintenance you can trust and begin testing out hybrid vehicles at our dealership today.