When the Jaguar F-TYPE SV Project 7 appeared in 2015 as a strictly limited 2016 model, nobody was surprised. It made sense to turn the flagship Jaguar model, the halo model to beat all halo models, into the most powerful car the company had ever made. Two years on, we’re about to be treated to its successor, a car that’s a surprise on every level. Good luck finding it at Jaguar Peabody (or anywhere else).

Why the surprise? Let’s answer your question with a question: how many carmakers would have the confidence to make their entry-level sedan the basis of the most powerful car they’ve ever built? That takes some degree of chutzpah, and it also takes no small amount of skill to do correctly.

And with the 2018 Jaguar XE SV Project 8, they’ve done it correctly. The car trades the stock four-cylinder engine found in the 2018 Jaguar XE for an eight-cylinder behemoth. At 592 horsepower, it boasts 17 more horsepower than the Jaguar F-TYPE SV Project 7, and goes from zero to sixty in 3.3 seconds.

The front and rear fasciae look much different than the Jaguar XE we’re used to. The most distinctive feature is the front air intakes, which give the front end a feline look that’s sure to attract attention.

Why the scarcity? Like its predecessor, the new car will be made in strictly limited numbers. Slightly higher numbers than the last time out (300 copies versus 250), but very scarce and practically guaranteed to sell very quickly… even with a price tag that tops 188 thousand dollars.

Odds are against the 2018 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 making its way to Jaguar Peabody; only 60 are slated for the US, after all. However, we still suggest making your way to 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, MA. After all, we do have the 2018 Jaguar XE in stock right now. It doesn’t pack 592 horsepower, but once you get in and drive it’s immediately apparent why the company had enough faith in this car to make it the basis of the most powerful Jaguar model ever built.  Stop in and see for yourself!