One of our best-selling models, the Jaguar E-PACE, can be customized for a totally unique feel for each unique owner. Drivers of this model need not look far – your local Jaguar dealers, Jaguar Peabody, have the means to order any of the parts or accessories your heart desires for the Jaguar E-PACE.

We have accessories for the Jaguar E-PACE inside and out whether you’re looking for extra functionality or a flare of style. For some extra everyday vehicle protection, you might opt for the all-weather car cover or mud flaps. We also offer rubber and carpet floor mats for your choice of durability or luxury depending on your routine travel needs.

When it comes to the cargo area in your Jaguar car, you can get extra mats or a whole variety of pet-friendly upgrades for your furry friends. A portable rinse station, pet carrier, and spill-proof water bowl are just a few of the options we can order.

For your recreational sports needs, we have a variety of carrying and towing kits. Whether you’re thinking of bike, suitcase, or kayak storage, we can assist with those exterior cargo storage needs so you can fit everything you need in or on your car.

Some of our favorite interior accessories to recommend for convenience are the activity key, armrest cooler, sunshades, and battery conditioners. And for extra style, you can swap out for sport pedal covers, gearshift paddles of different colors, or premium wheel designs.

To find our dealership, search online using the keywords “Jaguar car near me.” We look forward to discussing your car customization goals.