Buying a new Jaguar car is more than just buying a vehicle. You are essentially buying into a symbol that quickly becomes an extension of your taste. If you are shopping for a beautiful new luxury Jaguar car in Danvers, you will find that we have a full selection of models to choose from at Jaguar Peabody. When you come in to take a test drive and work out all of the details of buying such an exceptional vehicle, we will also go over your warranty options and everything detailed in Jaguar EliteCare.

What Is Jaguar EliteCare?

Not only are you going to be getting a best-in-class warranty when you buy a new 2019 Jaguar XE or another new model in our inventory, but you will also be getting roadside assistance, complimentary scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, and much more. For coverage, you will enjoy a 5-year/60k mile new vehicle limited warranty that beats out that of the competition.

You will also have complimentary scheduled maintenance available to you throughout the life of your warranty. We will be sure to send out service reminders for your tire rotations, oil changes, and anything else that your Jaguar car needs. What this does is help to make sure that you will never miss an appointment and that you are always covered for these costs that could otherwise add up in the long run.

Do you want added peace of mind on the roads? Jaguar EliteCare also gives you 24/7 roadside assistance so that you will have the repairs you need in a timely fashion.

At our Jaguar dealers in MA, we are always here to help. Come by to talk with us at Jaguar Peabody about Jaguar EliteCare and everything that is included! You will find our full-service dealership located at 247 Newbury Street in Peabody, MA. If you have questions regarding Jaguar EliteCare and all that is included, we would love to help. Just give us a call in the sales department at (877) 248-0579.