Not all cars are created equal. At Jaguar Peabody, we feel that Jaguar stands head and shoulders above the competition. We also know that even in that rarefied company, there are certain Jaguar models that are a breed apart. One of the best examples we can think of is the legendary — and exceedingly rare — Bertone Jaguar Pirana. Everything about the Pirana, from its source to its designer and the design he created, is unique, resulting in a car that’s a standout even by the high standards set by Jaguar. 

The Bertone Jaguar Pirana (not, as it’s sometimes spelled, Piranha) had quite the origin story. Ahead of the 1967 London Motor Show, the London Daily Telegraph decided to commission the ideal car. The design brief stipulated that the car should be forward-looking, but should also be affordable enough that it would be accessible to the general public.

The Telegraph turned to Jaguar to design and build the car. Since the commission came in April, 1967 — six months ahead of the London Motor Show — the top brass at Jaguar made two decisions to speed up the process. First, they would use a Jaguar Type E as the basis for the car. Second, they would enlist the services of the legendary Italian design and body works Gruppo Bertone, who put the legendary designer Marcello Gandini on the project under orders of strict secrecy.

What resulted after six frantic months of design, prototyping and building was one Jaguar Pirana. A 2+2 Kammback that was never intended as a production model, the car that was built for London (and later exhibited at auto shows in New York and Montreal) remains the only one of its kind. No matter; it became a legend among Jaguar lovers, and its design would go on to influence many cars that came later.

While we wouldn’t mind having that Jaguar Pirana in our showroom at Jaguar Peabody, we’re just as proud of the cars we do have, from the 2015 Jaguar XJ Sedan to the 2016 Jaguar F-Type, each of which feature the same commitment to quality, the same thrilling drive, and the same Jaguar DNA that made the Pirana so special. Come by today to see for yourself!