Spring is on the way. Sometimes it feels like it’s already here, only to feel like the depths of winter again the next day. No wonder everyone’s under the weather lately. If you want to keep your car from coming down with something, it’s a good idea to bring your Jaguar XJ or Jaguar F-TYPE to Jaguar Peabody for a checkup. 

There are a few things you can do to keep your car healthy when the seasons change. The first is quick and easy: get thee to a car wash. Winter means ice, snow, and slush, and while your Jaguar car handles that sort of thing with ease, the grime and salt that comes with it won’t be doing your car any favors. A thorough washing is in order.

While you’re at it, make sure you give your car’s interior a bit of TLC. If you’ve got all-weather floor mats, give them a thorough rinse and scrub. Vacuum the floors and seats, get rid of any trash that’s accumulated, and take all your winter paraphernalia — ice scrapers, squeegees, gloves, scarves, and hats — back indoors. It’s spring cleaning time!

One last thing: bring your car to your Jaguar Peabody service center at 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, MA. Your Jaguar car will get an expert checkup from our technicians, ensuring your tires, wipers, fluids, and key systems are all ready for the warm weather. It’s also a great time to browse our parts department for anything that will make your springtime driving more of a pleasure.

Winter weather can be especially hard even on the best cars. Don’t take Jaguar performance for granted. Visit Jaguar Peabody today to make sure you, and your car, are ready for anything!