Winter weather is arriving early this year, and at Jaguar Peabody, it’s important to us to help our customers prepare for those weather conditions to optimize driving safety. In an effort to make your life easier, we’ve compiled a short list of questions you can ask yourself to determine exactly where to start with that much-needed car care.

Are your tires in good shape? If the tread has worn down significantly on your tires, you may want to have them replaced before winter. New tires with deeper grooves in the treads give your car more traction, resulting in better handling, as well as a better chance of staying safely on the road despite ice and snow.

Are they properly inflated? Having the perfect speed rating and tread for your tires will do you little good in the event that you get a flat. Keeping your tires inflated according to manufacturer guidelines will decrease your chance of a flat or blow out, and it will also increase vehicle efficiency.

Do your windshield wipers work properly? This may sound minor as far as car care goes, but proper windshield wipers are so important for winter visibility on the road. We can assist you with these as well as many other Jaguar car parts and accessories.

Have you had an oil change, tire rotation or alignment check recently? These three services should all be routinely conducted several times a year. If you’re due for one of them, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us before you get busy with the holiday season. Residents of the Peabody area can search for “Jaguar service near me” to find us.