Some years ago, Jaguar seemed to be in a holding pattern. While respected, their cars had settled into a sameness of design that left even some diehard fans wondering when the company would do something new and different. The company’s turnaround in recent years, driven by the likes of the 2016 Jaguar F-Type, has reassured the public that Jaguar hasn’t lost its touch. Recently, the automotive press has reported on some interesting remarks by Jaguar head of design Ian Callum that indicate where the company could be headed next. 

Callum has emphasized that everything’s on the table. Even the Jaguar XJ, currently the company’s flagship, is up for replacement sooner rather than later. What’s interesting is that rather than going the route of some of its competitors — namely, releasing multiple iterations of the same car — Jaguar is banking on diversification, making a wider variety of cars available to its customers. At the same time, they are (at least for now) keeping production numbers relatively small to maintain their customary exclusivity.

And we’re already seeing the first fruits of that diversification. The XJ replacement, when it comes, will join a gradually expanding lineup that’s already seen the introduction of the Jaguar XE and XK, the Jaguar F-Type and the new F-Pace (the first Jaguar SUV), as well as a rumored E-Type all-electric car. Things are certainly looking up for the UK’s best-known carmaker.

Some of these changes are clearly some way off in the future. However, if you haven’t considered Jaguar before or if it’s been a while, what better time to come to Jaguar of Peabody and browse our new Jaguar inventory? We have some of the best of what Jaguar has to offer, and we’re confident that for as bright as the company’s future looks, the present is plenty impressive in its own right.