April is National Car Care Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get your Jaguar car in top shape before the summer. Winter can bring the likes of snow, ice, and salt, all of which can do damage to your vehicle. Here at Jaguar Peabody, our Jaguar technicians are celebrating National Car Care Month by completing a variety of types of Jaguar service to local drivers. Schedule an appointment today to make sure your vehicle is in top shape.

Spring Car Care Checklist

The onset of spring is the perfect opportunity to get your car serviced. Here are some things that should be looked at during your spring Jaguar car servicing:

  • Tire pressure: Fluctuations in temperature that occur with seasonal changes can cause your tire pressures to change. Our mechanics will ensure that your tires have enough air.
  • Wiper blades: Snow and ice can wreak havoc on wiper blades. Here in Massachusetts, you’ll be needing effective wiper blades for spring rain, so our mechanics will replace them if necessary.
  • Belt and hose check: Cold temperatures can make belts and hoses under the hood brittle.
  • Alignment and suspension: Winter is known for being harsh on the roads, which in turn can harm your car’s alignment and suspension. If you’re frequently driving on roads with large potholes, an alignment check is recommended.
  • Filters: Spring also brings pollen and allergies. You can minimize their presence in your car’s cabin by replacing the filters. Your engine filter should also be checked for dirt or impurities.

Celebrate National Car Care Month by scheduling an appointment with our mechanics at Jaguar Peabody.