In a recent article, calls Jaguar “the hottest car company in America.” We’re sure that we weren’t the only ones surprised by that headline. After all, as Bloomberg notes, some car companies move as many units in three days as Jaguar sold last year. As your Jaguar dealer, we’re inclined to agree with the article, but we’d be the first to admit we might be a bit biased. So what’s the basis for Bloomberg’s claim, and what’s made new Jaguar cars such a hot property? 

It’s no secret that the US auto market is in a bit of a slump. So how and why is Jaguar posting a sales gain of nearly sixty percent — twice the gains of its nearest competitor — in the last seven months? Bloomberg points to a handful of factors:

  • Innovation: Simply put, with their sportier lines, innovative technology and precision engineering, Jaguar cars aren’t as staid as they used to be, and the market is responding to that.
  • Pace: Unlike companies which sell several more models and trim levels — and which stagger their new offerings accordingly — Jaguar has completely overhauled nearly its entire lineup at a pace that no other company would contemplate.
  • Price: The new Jaguar XE and the base trim of the Jaguar F-PACE significantly lower the barrier of entry for those wishing to lease or own a new Jaguar. However, Jaguar is preserving its margins, offsetting lower sticker prices with fewer incentives. That keeps the company healthy and well-positioned to sustain not only its growth, but its product development and innovation.
  • Exclusivity: While some price points may be lower, Bloomberg is right to note that the company remains a boutique brand. It’s not trying to match its competitors’ astronomical sales figures, preferring to focus on sustainability and preventing its brand from being diluted by being in every garage and parking lot.
  • PACE: In this case, PACE is the Jaguar F-PACE, which has only been on the market a few months, but is selling at a blistering pace. It’s already the company’s sales leader. It’s not just pulling its weight at this point. It’s pulling the entire company forward with it.

But all of that is just background. What’s important is the drive. The best way to experience that is behind the wheel of a Jaguar car or SUV from Jaguar Peabody. If you haven’t taken a close look at Jaguar — or at our newly-renovated Jaguar dealership — in a while, stop by our showroom at 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, MA and prepare to be surprised.