Over the years, the experts at our Jaguar service center have found they’re getting a lot of similar questions from local Jaguar drivers. We’re always happy to answer questions directly, but we thought we’d answer some of our most frequently asked questions today.

Jaguar Service FAQs

  • How often does my Jaguar SUV or car need an oil change? This is a great question, especially because the answer has changed over the years! As Jaguar automakers have continued to innovate, the period between oil changes has gotten longer. For most new Jaguar models, you can expect to go 16,000 or 12 months between oil changes!
  • Why is my check engine light on? Your check engine light could be on for a number of reasons. Some are small, like your gas cap is faulty, but it could also indicate more urgent issues, including problems with your ignition coil and spark plugs. So while we can’t tell you for sure why your light is on, we can tell you it means you should visit our Jaguar service center as soon as possible so we can figure it out!
  • When should I replace my brake pads? It’s always better to replace your brake pads quickly once you start noticing a problem. If you notice your car stopping more slowly, or you hear a squealing noise from your brakes, come talk to us about brake pad replacements. If you hear a grinding noise, your pads are very worn down and could be causing bigger problems!

Jaguar Service in Peabody, MA

These are just some of the questions our Jaguar service technicians get on a regular basis, and we’re ready to answer any of your other questions. Bring your Jaguar car or SUV into Jaguar Peabody and find staff members who are experts in Jaguar vehicles like yours!