The high-tech Jaguar vehicles of today have more electrical demands than ever before, and these demands are met by your car’s battery. The car battery works by supplying an electrical current for the starter motor to crank the engine, and it also provides power to electrical accessories when the car engine is turned off. Keeping your car’s battery is an essential aspect of Jaguar service, and the professional mechanics at Jaguar Peabody are happy to share their knowledge of Jaguar battery service.

Why Do Car Batteries Fail?

Like most car parts, batteries degrade in quality over time and eventually need to be replaced. The heat that is stored underneath the hood of your Jaguar car increases the rate of chemical degradation in the battery. Also, the vibration that occurs when you’re pushing the limits of your engine of your Jaguar XE can cause physical breakdown of internal battery parts.

Our mechanics typically recommend battery replacement every five years, but the health of your battery is something that we will check during every semiannual inspection. Also, if you’re noticing any of the following signs, you may be experiencing battery problems:

  • The starter motor cranking the engine slowly
  • The headlamps are dim, particularly at idle
  • The Battery/Charging warning light is illuminated

Car Battery Replacement

When it is time for a new car battery, trust the professionals here at Jaguar Peabody. We only use authentic, OEM Jaguar parts, and our mechanics have the necessary training and expertise to know which battery will help your Jaguar car perform at its best.

If you want to learn more about Jaguar battery service or have your car’s battery checked, visit Jaguar Peabody today.