If you ask us, the only thing prettier than the Jaguar F-TYPE is autumn in New England. The air still feels like summer now, but before long the temperatures will be dropping and the fall foliage will be absolutely gorgeous. That means it’s time to look ahead to the kinds of driving conditions you’ll see in autumn. Your Jaguar dealership has tips to keep you safe with the change of seasons.

Here are your top five autumn driving hazards and how to cope with each.

  • Sun: The temperature isn’t the only thing starting to dip. The sun will also be lower in the sky and setting earlier, meaning that your commute may find you staring into the sun. Keep sunglasses in the glove compartment, since lenses that transition with sunlight won’t work well in-vehicle because of the windshield’s UV coating.
  • Darkness: The sun’s rising later and setting earlier, so make sure your headlights are clean and working properly.
  • Children: Since kids have returned to school, keep an eye out for them. Whether they’re playing, getting on or off the bus, or walking home, they may not be paying attention. Don’t pass stopped school buses, obey local speed limits, and keep your eyes peeled.
  • Leaves: We all love the kaleidoscope of fall colors (as long as they’re on someone else’s lawn). But leaves can interfere with traction even when they’re dry, and they’re even worse when they’re wet. They also cover obstacles, potholes, and road debris. If you’re driving after rain or in an unfamiliar area, exercise a bit of extra caution.
  • Frost and Ice: All-wheel drive can help when the cold brings ice and frost to the road, but it’s no substitute for good tires. Make sure yours aren’t worn, that they’ve been rotated and balanced, and that they’re inflated to the right pressure.

Your Jaguar vehicle is designed and built for safety, but it also depends on you for proper maintenance. Bring your Jaguar vehicle, whether it’s a classic like the Jaguar E-TYPE or a new Jaguar crossover like the 2017 F-PACE, to Jaguar Peabody for a checkup, new tires, or Jaguar service┬átoday. Call ahead to (978) 535-9200, or stop by 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, MA today.