The winter cold and snow can be tough on your car, so it might be time to check in with the mechanics here at the Jaguar Peabody service center. We can make sure that your Jaguar vehicle is in top shape, and we have the new Jaguar parts you need to make it through the season.


Your tires need to be in top shape to handle winter weather. We’ll check for damage, make sure that the tread on each tire is deep enough, and we’ll make sure that your tires are wearing down evenly.

Our Jaguar service center offers tire rotations, wheel alignments, and other services that help your tires last longer. If we determine that your tires are no longer keeping you safe on the road, we’ll help you find replacements.


Your braking system also needs to be ready for the slippery winter roads. If even one part in your car isn’t working right, whether it’s the brake pads or the brake lines, your vehicle might not be able to come to a stop when you need it to. Properly maintained brakes can help you avoid an accident, especially in the winter.

Headlight Bulbs

You need your headlights to illuminate the way forward, especially in the winter months when it gets darker earlier and snow can make it more difficult to see the road. We’ll check on your headlights to make sure that they’re working right and we’ll replace any lights that have burned out.


The cold can be rough on your vehicle, but few parts get it worse than your battery. The extreme cold can make it harder for your battery to hold a charge, and a battery that doesn’t hold a charge can’t help your vehicle start. Don’t get stuck out in the cold with a vehicle that won’t start up due to a bad battery.

Visit our Jaguar service center in Peabody, MA for parts to keep you safe and on the road this winter!