Memorial Day is just a few days away. That means the unofficial start of summer is almost upon us. That also means the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, meaning it’s the perfect time to hop in your convertible with the top down and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Of course, you don’t only want to have fun. You’ll want to stay safe, which is why Jaguar of Peabody — your Jaguar dealer — has compiled some useful tips for safe convertible driving.

Let’s start with some good news: a convertible is no less safe than a standard coupe, so if you’re concerned about crash safety, your Jaguar F-TYPE convertible has you covered even when you’re not… well, covered. With its unibody construction, airbags, electronic stability control, and a host of other standard and optional safety features, it’s a safe and solid ride.

That’s not to say that there aren’t things you can do to make yourself even safer.

Buckle Up: This should go without saying, but sadly, we see too many drivers driving without seatbelts. Pro tip: airbags are no use if you’re airborne.

Get Used to the Top: The drop top on your Jaguar convertible deploys quickly and easily. With that said, it helps to have some practice so that you’re ready to put the top up quickly if summer shower — or torrential downpour — hits unexpectedly.

Wear Sunglasses: You’ll be driving an open car, leaving you exposed to dust, debris, trash and bugs. While a little extra protein never hurt anyone, a bit of eye protection goes a long way.

Keep Your Seats Clear: The map, papers, receipts, and other stray stuff that might be littering your seats can easily go airborne once you’re up to speed. The driver behind you won’t appreciate having your last phone bill plastered to her windshield, nor will she particularly enjoy scrubbing the remnants of a tuna sandwich off her hood.

Stay Off The Phone: This applies year-round, really. Don’t use your phone to call or text. After all, you’ve got Jaguar InMotion for that!

Looking forward to a ride in a convertible, but you don’t have one yet? Come to Jaguar of Peabody to see and test drive the F-TYPE S Jaguar¬†convertible today. We can even arrange financing through Jaguar Financial Services.