Jaguar cars have been turning heads since they first graced the road in 1934. In the years since, Jaguar has gained a reputation for a unique combination of luxury, performance, and swagger that’s continued all the way to the company’s current flagship models, the XF, XE, and F-Type Jaguars. However, it’s not just past and current models that command respect. When the C-X17 concept car was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013, the automotive world took notice; here, for the first time, was a genuine Jaguar SUV. The concept’s reception was so positive that Jaguar unveiled a production version at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015, christened the F-Pace.

The F-Pace won’t make its way to Jaguar dealers for a few more months, but it’s already generated excitement and expectation among drivers and the automotive press alike. Car and Driver called the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace one of “25 Cars Worth Waiting For,” and stated, “We fearlessly predict that the F-Pace will quickly become Jaguar’s bestseller.” That’s a bold claim. Where does the F-Pace fit in the lineup of Jaguar cars? And is it really that revolutionary?

The “F” is no accident. Much of the car’s styling is directly inspired by the F-Type Jaguar. The F-Type may be a recent arrival to the lineup, but it has a design and engineering heritage that draws on everything Jaguar had learned in the years before. It has all the style, power, and reliability that Jag drivers have come to take for granted. The “Pace” part of the name is no accident either, since Jaguar founder William Lyons insisted that Jaguars should deliver “grace, pace and space.”

The F-Pace, it turns out, delivers in spades. Its lines are the epitome of Jaguar grace, its SUV design provides more space than has ever been seen in a Jaguar, and pace — well, if you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a Jaguar, you know how that goes.

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