The only thing that made a bigger splash than this year’s royal wedding was the classic car driven by Harry and Megan (that’s the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to us common folk). Had they hit the road in a vintage Jaguar E-TYPE, that would have been news enough. But the car, dubbed Jaguar E-TYPE Concept Zero, had some hidden depths. Now it’s making news again — even briefly knocking the upcoming Jaguar I-PACE out of the headlines.

The reason the car made headlines is that it put an all-electric powertrain in place of the one originally found in the Series I Jaguar E-TYPE. It was built by Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Coventry, who have in years past graced us with limited edition issues of classic Jaguar cars.

If all this car had to offer was its classic silhouette and an electric motor, that would be enough. But there’s more. As Road & Track pointed out while writing up the next classic reissue, the team at the Classic Works have managed quite a feat of engineering. The new powertrain’s weight is nearly identical to the old one, with identical weight distribution. Furthermore, thanks to the instant torque from the electric drivetrain, it actually accelerates a bit faster than the classic.

But that’s not all. Not only will this car be built in a limited run, but if you own one of the originals, yours can be converted (for a price). And that conversion is intended to be fully reversible, so should you decide to go back to your petrol engine, you’ll be able to do so with minimal issues.

Ordering is open now, just as it is for a future classic (the Jaguar I-PACE) that will soon take its place among the other new Jaguar models here at Jaguar Peabody. To find out more about any of our classics — modern or otherwise — visit us at 247 Newbury St. today.