The Jaguar F-PACE crossover proved that the brand renaissance enjoyed by Jaguar in recent years wasn’t some fluke. The company had found its mojo, as the crossover’s high sales numbers at Jaguar Peabody and other Jaguar dealerships across America proved. You can’t blame them, then, for building on that success by repeating the formula… albeit with a twist.

There were rumors of a Jaguar E-PACE crossover — with the E denoting its all-electric powertrain — from the time the Jaguar F-PACE was announced. When the Los Angeles Auto Show saw the debut of a smaller Jaguar I-PACE electric crossover, we couldn’t help but wonder whether the Jaguar E-PACE was just a rumor.

It wasn’t. The smaller Jaguar I-PACE was just an appetizer, a preview of coming attractions, if you will. Now it turns out that 2018 might see not one, but two new Jaguar SUVs. The unconventional Jaguar I-PACE will take its place in the new model lineup next to a Jaguar E-PACE crossover that’s currently under testing.

Its powertrain is still a mystery. Given its similarity in looks and size to the Jaguar F-PACE, we might expect to see something more powerful than the 400 net horsepower promised for the Jaguar I-PACE with its two 200 horsepower electric motors. More than that? We’ll have to wait, probably until the auto show season resumes later this year.

We know one thing without having to consult the tea leaves: the Jaguar F-PACE definitively proved that the revival of the Jaguar brand in recent years wasn’t some kind of fluke. Years of patience and innovation paid off in a big way, and it’s clear that the company’s a long way from finished when it comes to surprising their public. See what we mean when you visit 247 Newbury St. in Peabody, MA and Jaguar Peabody to see the new Jaguar model lineup.