As the new year gathers steam, so too does the rumor mill. This week brings news that hot on the heels of the highly successful 2017 Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar is already looking ahead to what’s next: a smaller crossover, tentatively titled the Jaguar E-Pace. This is an interesting development for a company that didn’t have an SUV at all just twelve months ago, and seems to dovetail with earlier reports that Jaguar is looking toward a diversified product line as the key to its future success. 

Not much is known yet about the E-Pace. Here’s what we do know: it’s still early in its development process. It is likely to feature less aluminum in its construction than many current Jaguar models, which would add curb weight but would also lower production costs. Its design and powerplant are unknown quantities at this point. Consensus around the powerplant leans toward the new 4-cylinder Ingenium, while it seems that its design language is likely to borrow heavily from the F-Pace (which is a good thing, if you ask us).

Also open for debate is the vehicle’s street date. Some reports place the debut for the E-Pace in 2018, while others speculate that 2020 is more likely. On one hand, the time from concept to production for the F-Pace suggests 2020. The C-X17 concept car that was the basis for the F-Pace first appeared in 2013, and the vehicle debuted in Frankfurt in late 2015 for the 2016 model year. Assuming that the “mule,” or test vehicle, that’s been spotted in the wild is the precursor to a new concept, a similar timeline would make sense for the E-Pace. On the other hand, having broken the ice with the F-Pace (and given that Jaguar is already projecting F-Pace shortages because of high demand), the shorter timeline wouldn’t be a surprise.

For now, the Jaguar E-Pace awaits us in the future. If you’re itching to get behind the wheel of a new Jaguar before then, come to Jaguar of Peabody to see the 2016 Jaguar F-Type, or to reserve the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace ahead of its debut. We’re located at 247 Newbury Street in Peabody, MA, and whether it’s a test drive, Jaguar maintenance, or any other question you may have, we’re here for you.