What do the next several years hold for the Jaguar brand? Recent articles on UK car website Autocar provide a tantalizing glimpse. If you’re a fan of classic Jaguar models, new Jaguar SUVs, or of “green” supercars, it seems there’s something coming for nearly everyone. That’s good news for the New England luxury car shoppers served by Jaguar Peabody.

The first thing we should note is that none of the current models are going anywhere. There’ve been on-again, off-again rumors of the demise of the Jaguar XJ, but these seem premature; after all, the car has held pride of place in the new Jaguar lineup for five decades. An all-electric model is rumored for 2019, and the car’s likely to be built at Magna Steyr because of its exclusivity.

Other news ought not to come as a shock: namely, that several models will see significant updates in coming years. The Jaguar F-TYPE will see a redesign in 2020, the Jaguar XE in 2021, and the Jaguar XF a year or so later.

SUVs are the other burgeoning trend. The Jaguar I-PACE comes to Jaguar dealerships soon, joining the new Jaguar E-PACE, which for its part gets a hybrid by 2020. The Jaguar F-PACE will see a plug-in hybrid variant (possibly alongside a mid-generation refresh) next year, with a next-generation debut by 2023. And another new Jaguar SUV — the full-sized Jaguar J-PACE — throws its hat in the ring by model year 2021.

Another development, as you’ve no doubt gathered from the last paragraph, is electrification. All told, the company promises that each model will have at least one variant with electrification within the next two years. As if to underline that point in bold print, the company may be reviving the Jaguar XK nameplate as an all-electric Jaguar XJ variant that borrows its powertrain from the Jaguar I-PACE.

Even though that’s a lot to look forward to, we’d remind you that Jaguar is also doing great things here and now. Why not visit Jaguar Peabody at 247 Newbury St. and see for yourself?