It’s not that long ago that many auto industry observers wondered when Jaguar Cars would get its spark back. When the Jaguar F-TYPE debuted in 2013, it was clear the spark was rekindled. Subsequent years have seen more new arrivals at Jaguar Peabody — including the Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar E-PACE, and Jaguar XE — and have seen that spark grow into a roaring blaze. Now, the company’s getting ready to throw a few more logs on the fire.

We know this because a large number of trademark filings have come down the pike recently. While it’s hard to read the tea leaves based on a trademark filing, it’s worth noting that each of the vehicles above were often presaged by similar filings; it’s not something a company usually does on a lark.

So what’s in the pipeline? First, a brief word on the naming scheme for new Jaguar cars. There are the company’s “standard” sedans, which are luxurious with a dash of sport (like the Jaguar XF and Jaguar XE). There are the SUVs, given the “PACE” designation drawn from the company’s old “Grace, Space, Pace” slogan (e.g., the Jaguar F-PACE). And finally, there are the TYPE cars, a lineage that goes back to legends like the Jaguar D-TYPE racer, the gorgeous Jaguar E-TYPE, and the Jaguar F-TYPE that revived the company’s fortunes.

In light of that, we’re seeing at least two more PACE-designated SUVs. One is the Jaguar C-PACE, and the other is a long-rumored Jaguar J-PACE. Both of these, according to multiple sources, are likely to be coupe-styled SUVs using variations of existing architecture.

Also of interest: the Jaguar J-TYPE filing reported by Carscoops. This could be a replacement for the Jaguar F-TYPE; however, since the J designation denotes the top of the line for the company, it’s possible this could coexist as a mid-engined speedster based in part on the innovative Jaguar CX-75 concept from a few years ago.

While you’re waiting to see what comes next, why not reacquaint yourself with what’s current? Visit Jaguar Peabody at 247 Newbury St. today!