All the news that fits — some bits and bobs that may have flown under your radar, just in time for a new month here at Jaguar Peabody.

Fit for a (Soon-to-Be) King

The royal family has a long history with Jaguar cars. We’ve reported on the electrified Jaguar E-TYPE that ferried the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to the Royal Wedding, and now we’re proud to announce that HRH Prince Charles just took delivery on a Jaguar I-PACE. Americans who want to drive like royalty will have to wait; the electric SUV doesn’t hit Jaguar dealerships here for a bit longer yet.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Jaguar has anticipated the addition of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ to its cars, and it’s finally happening with the new model year. 2019 Jaguar models can option in either smartphone mirroring software via an update; so, too, can owners of older Jaguar models with compatible head units. Speak to your Jaguar dealer for details and cost.

The Eyes Have It

Some innovations seem downright silly, but this one’s backed with solid science. Faced with a dilemma — people don’t trust autonomous vehicles — engineers at Jaguar Land Rover went with an unorthodox solution. They’re putting googly eyes in front of their test vehicles’ sensors. Those eyes track with the sensors’ movements so pedestrians know the car “sees” them. They’re keeping quiet about the research methodology, but point out that in testing, pedestrians are reassured when they can see the car “watching” them when they cross the street.

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