If you have enough money, collecting classic cars is easy. Just ask Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld, whose collections are the stuff of legend (and envy). But if you don’t exactly have money to burn and you need a car now, picking a future classic can be frustratingly imprecise. Jaguar Peabody looks at a notable exception.

First, let’s look at what defines a classic. If you’ve been to a classic car show around Nashua, NH or Andover, MA, you probably have an idea in the back of your mind of what makes a car a classic. Age is a factor, as is condition. It should be close to original factory spec. It also helps when the car has beautiful lines (think Jaguar E-TYPE), and when it’s not common as chips.

Of course, when you’re buying a new Jaguar car, age is off the table. You’ll have to be patient and wait. When it comes to condition, that’s easier than you think; just take care of your vehicle, and make sure you’re coming in for regular Jaguar service. Beauty? That comes standard with Jaguar cars, though some are admittedly a bit more beautiful than others (more on this in a second). That leaves rarity.

And that’s where Chris Perkins of Road and Track comes in. A recent article of his poses the question, “What Modern Car is a Future Classic?”

His answer? A Jaguar F-TYPE with a V6 engine and manual transmission. Why that particular configuration? The Jaguar F-TYPE is a thing of beauty, obviously; it’s the closest thing we’ve seen design-wise to the classic Jaguar E-TYPE in many years. Its drive is as gorgeous as it looks. More to the point, says Perkins? It’s rare. To be blunt, hardly anyone is buying cars with manual gearboxes anymore, and only three percent of Jaguar F-TYPE models sold have that particular configuration.

Don’t drive a stick? This could be a good time to learn. Not only is a manual fun to drive, but so few people drive them anymore that it could also be the world’s simplest anti-theft device. Find out more about the Jaguar F-TYPE (or how to keep your modern classic running like new) by visiting Jaguar Peabody at 247 Newbury St today.