Financing is the best way to get the car of your dreams at an affordable monthly price. With a few quick tips from our professional Jaguar dealers, you’ll be on your way to easy financing this holiday season. 

DO: Come prepared. If you come with a tentative budget and a few specific models in mind, car shopping will be much easier! When you know what you are able to spend, negotiating the terms is a breeze.  

DON’T: Feel pressured to make a decision upon your first trip to the dealership. We are determined to help you find the best fit, even if that takes a few visits to narrow down exactly what you need.  

DO: Apply online with our easy financing application. To get the most of our Jaguar financial services, you can apply online to see what you qualify for and we can gather all of your important information at your convenience.   

DON’T: Hide or fib about important information like your income or a potential vehicle trade. Some people think they can get better financing with a few adjustments to the truth, but the fact of the matter is, we check your credit score and your credit history to determine what you qualify for.  

DO: Value your trade online with our KBB value your trade tool. If you plan on trading in your previous Jaguar car with us, it’s helpful to know what it’s worth and how that might factor in to your budget.  

We are happy to answer all of your questions at our Jaguar dealership in MA. Come see us soon to get the process started.